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EVA is a bespoke software solution for the vehicle insurance assessor industry.


Glass's Repair Estimate Integration

EVA is the first, and currently only, management software to have Glass's Repair Estimate fully integrated. Create your estimate using a graphical interface with manufacturer times and prices

GT Motive Estimate Integration

EVA now offers the end user another estimating option in the form of GT Motive estimating with a fully integrated graphical interface. Create your estimate using manufacturer times and prices with the option of a VIN query allowing identification of the vehicle and its equipment by the VIN or chassis number

Intelligent Report Writing

A helpful report wizard makes sure nothing is missed out and EVA will intelligently create your report text for you based on the selections made through each step.

Intelligent Allocation

The intelligent engineer allocation suggests the most appropriate engineer for each inspection based on the location postcode which allows you to manage and maximise an engineer's daily work load.

Importing Assessments

Import assessments and estimates compiled on Audatex, GT Motive or Interest to save re-keying of data when generating an engineer's report.

Full Correspondence System

A whole array of standard format letters can be generated automatically on completion of reports, and afterwards, to provide a consistent and professional image to your clients and reduce administration time and effort.

Available Anywhere, Anytime

As a "cloud" based system you can access EVA anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection meaning home, office and field workers can all use the system.

Mobile Solutions for Engineers

Engineers can capture report data on smart phones and tablets when carrying out an inspection which instantly updates the office database.

Secure Login

EVA runs on a fully secure Cloud platform meaning that the independent engineers and remote workers can access it from anywhere that has an Internet connection with the correct security credentials. All access requires a secure login and is logged for auditing

Electronic Emails

Send all correspondence electronically (including reports, photographs, letters, invoices, statements, etc.) with a full audit trail of what was sent to who and when, available at the touch of a button.

Claims Portal Website

EVA allows your clients to send you new inspections via an intelligent claims portal which can be integrated into your existing website and also allows work providers to view progress notes, reports and images via your website for inspections which they have sent to you.

Management Reports & Statistics

A whole host of management reports and statistical reports are available within EVA which allow you to report on engineer savings, inspection and report turnaround times, staff productivity, plus much more.

Experian/HPI and MIAFTR checks

An automated link is available with Experian or HPI which can retrieve all the static vehicle information from the DVLA database and check for previous total loss markers on the MIAFTR register when you enter each new inspection.

Integrated diary reminders and holiday calendar

Set-up diary reminders quickly and easily against any inspection record and also record staff and engineers holidays with intelligent reminders to stop you sending work to engineers when they are on annual leave.

Work Provider Integration

EVA already links with various work providers to electronically accept requests and send reports in specified formats. Emailed instructions can be dragged onto EVA to automatically populate fields. Additional work provider links can be easily set up by request.

Inspections Map

The interactive map shows the location of all inspections booked over the next 5 working days which assists engineer and area planning. Customised warnings also alert allocation staff if an engineer has been over-allocated based on mileage limits or a maximum count of inspections.

Integrated Sales Accounts

A full sales accounts package is included which generates invoices, credit notes, statements, credit reports, etc., with work provider profiles available allowing you to set-up your different agreed fee structures for automatic invoice creation on completion of each engineers report.

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How It Works

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Receive work electronically.

Receive your inspection request electronically from your work provider from a multitude of sources without the need to rekey information, reducing the possibility of incorrect information being entered - Our developers can customise this for each work provider

Allocate and arrange inspections.

Contact claimant by phone, email, text, or letter to arrange inspection. The inspection is then provisionally allocated based on the location postcode - EVA will continually learn which engineer covers each postcode area

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Create professional and consistently formatted reports.

Issue inspections to engineer electronically - Engineer then completes a simple report wizard which includes the ability to import estimates from external sources and attach photographs, culminating in an intelligent report text generator which then immediately updates the office on completion

Deliver finished product.

Once the report has been quality checked, you can then send the report to your work provider in a variety of ways including email, using your own custom Claims Portal, or good old Royal Mail post. Invoices, repair authorities, salvage collection letters can also be created and distribution at the touch of a button

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  • "Having switched to the EVA system we have been able to improve our already high levels of productivity even further and improve the overall service we offer to our work providers. The system has been designed by people who understand the needs of a modern day assessing office and we have been impressed as they've already demonstrated their commitment to develop it further as the requirements of their users and the industry changes."

    ADAM CLANCY / Associated Independent Assessors Ltd

  • "Since going live with the new EVA system in 2013, I am pleased to say that the system and customer service provided by Minotaur Software has proven to be an excellent all round package. The intelligent system provides excellent efficiency and has aided our company to improve upon our existing high levels of service and further improve the level productivity what we offer our work providers. Minotaur Software have shown an ongoing commitment to respond to both customer requests and also industry changes. The EVA system comes highly recommended to any other company looking at such systems."

    RICHARD HAIGH M.I.M.I., M.I.R.T.E., M.Inst.A.E.A., M.F.I.E.A, ATA, VDA / Northern Assessors Ltd

  • "As a company we have worked with one bespoke assessors' package for approximately 20 years and have been loathe to move from that package for our investigations have always revealed alternative systems to be deficient in various ways. However, we recently moved from our previous system to the EVA system offered by Minotaur Software and I am pleased to say that the new system offered by Minotaur Software has proven to be an excellent and complete package. The new system makes use of all the new technology, allowing addresses to be obtained by a post code look-up; it has the facility to import Audatex estimates, images, etc and is remarkably intuitive in the way it learns from the operators. I have no hesitation in highly recommending the system to all independent engineers and any other company that finds the need to produce engineering reports of accident damage vehicles."

    BARRY WHEELER / B.D. Wheeler Ltd

  • "The system is very versatile and the importing of external estimates is so easy when used to compile a report. This, combined with direct links into the web and e-mail from the system gives the engineer and staff the opportunity to access and send information without leaving the system and each entry or operation is saved so that an audit trail is easily available. EVA is an invaluable tool in the day to day running of our business."

    LINDSAY CRAIG / Scottish Technical Services Ltd

  • "We are delighted to have moved over to the EVA system. Our report format now matches our service standards and enables us to market our company in a truly professional manner. We would recommend EVA to any assessors looking to improve their administration and reporting process."

    SEAN OSBORNE / S E Osborne Assessors Ltd

  • "EVA is simply the best piece of Engineering software available on the market today. The system is completely user friendly and the ability to import assessments, images and emails saves a huge amount of time when compiling reports. Dan and the team at Minotaur are always willing to listen to ideas that will improve the system and are quick to implement these changes. EVA has allowed us to grow a business without the worry of our IT system coping. I cannot recommend EVA highly enough."

    ALAN BASCIANO / J. P. Morriss. Assessors Ltd

  • "After trying various systems, we have worked with Dan and the team at Minotaur Software now for 2 years. The EVA system has had a positive impact on our business in terms of both efficiency and productivity. One of the great benefits of the system is that Dan and his team are prepared to listen, take on ideas and implement changes very quickly. I am interested to see how the system develops in the future"

    MATTHEW STANSFIELD / Banwell and Associates Ltd

  • "We are delighted that Minotaur Software, through their Electronic Vehicle Assessment (EVA) solution, have become the first partner in the UK to integrate our new Repair Estimate data. Users of EVA now benefit from fast, accurate vehicle selection with registration lookup, technical and specification data, manufacturer times and parts prices and unrivalled dynamic, colour coded graphics for easy and precise parts selection. The success of the project was down to a professional and collaborative working approach where each party focussed on what they do best. We believe we provide the best crash repair data in the UK (and Europe as part of EurotaxGlass's Group) and the EVA solution provides the perfect platform to deliver this data to those who rely on it."

    Robyn Todd, Product Manager / Data and Partnerships, Glass's

  • "We've used EVA for some time; the migration from our old system was simple and painless with EVA dealing with all aspects. The answer has always been 'we can do that' with EVA from minor tweaks to system updates its always quick and easy. EVA have flexible API use allowing for integration with our customers systems much improving efficiency. The functionality saves time with all aspects from arranging inspections, communicating with our engineers and customers and producing reports invoices and the dreaded management information for customers. The flexibility of being able to import from multiple estimating platforms is also a great benefit; this has all added up to a very comprehensive system which continues to impress all our team"

    Jon Lowe, Director / Impact Assessors

  • "Dan and the team, I'm very happy with the service you guys provide, the constant updates to the system and excellent support. It's very refreshing to see fees reduced instead of increasing as everything else does. Great service and thank you"

    Gary Vincent / Blake Assessors

  • "We have been using the EVA Software system since 2015 and found the system assists us in providing an extremely professional service, for both ourselves and our clients. A fantastic Claims system tool that allows us to access information and images of any previous inspections instantly. Ensuring any claim queries can be addressed promptly and efficiently. The Online Portal facility enables our clients to Login and see, not only completed reports, but also live updates on the inspection progress of instructions received. System integration has been seamless, and EVA makes our invoicing a breeze. Saving us valuable time on massive amounts of admin. Moreover, the back up support provided by Dan and the team at Minotaur Software is second to none. We cannot recommend the system enough. Great Product!"

    Martyn Finnagan M.Inst AEA MFIEA / Direct Inspections


Can we import our existing data from our legacy software?

Yes, our developers can work with you to make the transition to EVA as seemless as possible.

We have remote engineers and staff, can they access the EVA software?

Yes, EVA runs on a fully secure Cloud platform which enables the software to be accessed from any location provided the user has EVA installed and has the correct security credentials.

Some of our clients require us to send specific M.I. reports, can this be automated?

Yes, a number of EVA users have work providers that require specific M.I. reports which we've automated in EVA.

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